About Us

Zenteq.am was established in 2004 and develops standalone software products.

The team of Zenteq.Am consists of professional, and talented developers, who is always looking for developing innovating solutions.

We believe in providing high quality software. Beside our own software products, we can implement the most advanced computer technologies, we also develop professional custom solutions, using our excellent experience. We are result-oriented.

The team participates in development of the following products of RenderX:

  • XEP is a core product, which comes with support for output of PDF, PDF/X, PDF/A, PostScript and our own XML output capabilities. Additional output modules are available as add-ons to the core product. These include PDF Forms, AFP, Microsoft XPS, PPML, SVG and HTML formats.
  • Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) is a GUI-based application for designing XSL stylesheets primarily used as an overlay for forms.
  • VDPMill is a complete solution with very high performance rendering of both large print files as well as singular large reports.
  • XEPWin is a combination of code and applications targeted at XEP users and programmers for the Windows platform.
  • EnMasse accepts XML documents over the network and formats them by distributing the formatting tasks among multiple computer nodes.
  • Connectivity Kit provides access to the extensive programming interfaces (APIs) in XEP Engine, providing the ability to run XEP as a component in larger systems.
  • WinSuite Kit is a pre-built connector between the XEP Engine and .NET/COM+, targeted for use with C#, Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET applications.