Zenteq.AM uses RenderX XEP Engine with EnMasse to generate books in DocBook or TEI on computer science, information technology, and other subjects.

Dive Into Python

DocBook: The Definitive Guide

  Source: http://diveintopython.org/

  PDF: diveintopython.pdf - 1405 Kb, 359 pp

  Stylesheet: docbook.xsl

  Source: http://www.docbook.org/tdg/

  PDF: tdg.pdf - 4158 Kb, 1460 pp

  Stylesheet: docbook.xsl

Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Selfdocbook (XML Edition)


  PDF: TomSawyer.pdf - 625 Kb, 217 pp

  Stylesheet: docbook.xsl

  Source: http://cyberelk.net/tim/docbook/

  PDF: selfdocbookx.pdf - 167 Kb, 43 pp

  Stylesheet: docbook.xsl

PostgreSQL 8.4.4

What does interest and develop children?

  Source: PostgreSQL.fo

  PDF: postgres.pdf - 218 Kb, 37 pp


  PDF: arstal.pdf - 233 kb, 23 pp

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